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Printed T-Shirts
Jun 13, 2018

1. Print T-shirt + suit

In the spring when people wear suits, this “female-in-all” coat and the fashionable personality that you want to wear, you don’t need to wear a shirt, change into a printed T-shirt, instantly break the official and serious feeling of the suit, and have more street Fashion style children.

2. Print T-shirt + leather

How can a handsome woman get a leather jacket? A short paragraph of locomotive leather clothing to give you enough gas field, to create a perfect long legs, with a little more youthful playfulness in the printed T-shirt.

3. Print T-shirt + trench coat

Temperament windbreaker is a must-have for every woman. Everyone has, everyone wears a personalized T-shirt to stand out.

5. Print T-shirt + Jeans

Age-appropriate denim jackets and printed T-shirts complement each other and the overall shape is very young and dynamic.

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