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Management Of Apparel Colors
Jul 13, 2018

Management Of Apparel Colors

As an apparel consumer, what he care at first sight is colors of apparel when he purchasing clothes.Whether colors are vivid and pure is one of the key which can influence customers’ purchasing needs.  As a professional sublimation printing sportswear manufacturer, it had became our top priority about how to avoid colors diversity, dirty pots or scratch on sportswear.



In order to solving this problem, we consider it from initial production procedure.

EPSON ink.jpg 215421077659518388.jpg

During digital printing procedure, we purchased EPSON printers with original EPSON ink which are top quality of this field. It can offer us strong assurance for our high quality sportswear production. 

      From our Australia friend’s feedback on 6th July, he felt so excited and appreciated after receiving his 500 pcs fishing jerseys item. “Blaze did perfect works no matter on colors and quality” as John said. We also feel proud and motivated towards clients’ inspiration, we would always produce more high quality sportswear for more clients in future.



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