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Basketball Clothes Structure Introduction
Jun 13, 2018

Clothes: T-Shirt jacket sleeveless vest, waist is big enough, big enough to even put a basketball there are surplus, clothes are not the largest, only bigger, from the old hate to wear the clothes of the old rules, the inner brand: AND1 of course Is preferred, followed by REEBOK, ADIDAS and NIKE are also a good choice for customers, to be different, simple, in the clothes on his own unique LOGO! One of the most personalized photos or idols you worship, photos of your buddies, of course.

Pants: Cropped jeans or sports pants are not important, the characteristics are enough to "hypertrophy", as the trousers off, the more unreasonable the more reasonable, wide jeans can also be hidden with more spacious sports shorts, a layer The layer came off and was not revealing.

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