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T-shirts by purpose
Jun 13, 2018

1. Commodity T-shirts: T-shirts that are targeted at the circulation of conventional goods by social consumers.

2. Advertising T-shirts: T-shirts for the purpose of carrying advertisements belong to the type of advertising media, and their contents may be commercial advertisements or political advertisements, public service advertisements, and the like.

3. Tourism T-shirts: Tourist T-shirts have a considerable position in the foreign souvenir market. Tourist attractions, places of historic interest, and cultural landscapes must be accompanied by a large number of tourist T-shirts and T-shirt shops. Tourism T-shirts are the best expression of national culture, regional culture, culture of customs and culture, natural landscape culture and political history and culture.

4. Group T-shirts: Large-scale international social organizations, small teams, bands, and their own T-shirts are always proud.

5. Theme T-shirts: Major historical themes, cultural and entertainment projects, political activities, and celebrity fun events will also be reflected on the T-shirts to satisfy people's desire for participation and commemoration. For example, the theme of Hong Kong's return to 1997, the theme of the 98 World Cup has brought a huge tide of T-shirts, and achieved considerable social and economic benefits.

6. Brand T-shirts: Many designer clothes often produce their own branded T-shirts to achieve the name (advertisement effect).

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