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Racing suit development history
Jun 13, 2018

The racing suits of the 1950s only paid attention to appearance and comfort, had no need for functionality, and even wore T-shirts and ties during the competition.

Until the 1970s, racing suits were still made of flammable cotton cloth, which led to several accidents. This led the FIA to focus on racing suits and set a series of standards.

When it comes to racing suits and racing equipment, several standards and certifications must be mentioned. In a regular event, the equipment and modifications used by drivers and vehicles, and even the requirements of a single screw, are standard. To the requirements of the competition, it is impossible to pass the pre-race car inspection procedures. The driver’s equipment, mainly FIA FIA certification, FIA International Motor Sports Association, their rules and standards are very detailed, most of the world’s most of the game is in the implementation of the FIA's rules and standards, so the FIA’s The certification is more practical for us to participate in any event.

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