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Common t-shirt printing process
Jun 13, 2018

1, water paste printing: This is the earliest kind of technology, the use of aqueous paste printing, somewhat similar to the paint or dye.

2. Paste printing: This process is almost the same as the former, except that the glue pigment is used.

3, ink printing: This process is also called thermosetting ink printing, using chemical ink as a pigment, the need for high-temperature drying can make the ink solidified on the fabric, the same need to produce a printing plate, but it can use four-color hit the net to print Color patterns can also be printed on a dark fabric before printing a light layer on a white background.

4, hot stamping and transfer printing: This is a new technology, using an intermediate medium (such as transfer paper) as a pigment, is the first pattern printed on a special coated transfer paper, and then through The pressure and high temperature transfer the pattern on the transfer paper to the printing on the fabric.

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