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Racing Suit Cleaning Guide
Jun 13, 2018

1. Clean the water temperature and detergent strength of cotton racing suits

Many friends who wear cotton racing suits are usually accustomed to using hot water to soak, but have their friends noticed the temperature of the water? Whether it is to clean the cotton racing suit or the professional wear, pay attention to the water temperature. Normally, the temperature of the cotton suit is controlled at thirty. It's about degree. Pay attention to immersing cotton racing suits in cold water before cleaning, then using hot water of about 30 degrees Celsius, adding detergent to soak detergents in cotton racing suits, and soaking the dirt in cotton racing suits. can.

2, cotton suits should choose hand washing, and need to pay attention to drying method

Why recommend cotton racing suits must be hand-washed, many careful friends may notice that there is a label on the inside of the cotton racing suit, to avoid dry cleaning, dry cleaning is the use of chemical agents to clean the cotton racing suit, although the agent will be The cotton racing suit is cleaned, but it will strongly hurt the quality of the cotton racing suit. Finally, the quality of the warmth is gradually reduced when wearing a cotton racing suit. Therefore, try to choose handwashing. Even if there is no professional cleaning material, handwashing is enough to put the clothing on. The dirt inside is washed out.

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