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Print T-shirt Maintenance Considerations
Jun 13, 2018

1, the new hot stamping T-shirt is a little hard, after washing it will change.

2, the new hot stamping T-shirt should wait 48 hours before washing, let the pigment stabilized.

3. Do not need to wash the pattern by hand when washing, because there is no dirt attached to it.

4. Do not wash with detergent containing bleach.

5. The washing water should use cool water or warm water below 40°C.

6, the best hand wash, if the machine wash, then the clothes should be reversed, so that the pattern inward, in addition, do not spin dry.

7, the clothes should be allowed to dry naturally, not sun exposure.

8, if you need to iron, should use medium-temperature steam ironing, so as not to damage the structure of elastic fibers, affect the elastic effect of clothing, can not be directly on the pattern ironing.

9, ironed clothes can not be squeezed into a small space, use hangers hanging or flat, in order to maintain the flat appearance of clothing.

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