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The difference between Polo shirt and T-shirt
Jun 13, 2018

1, POLO shirt is also called a polo shirt, is with a collar and buttons, cuffs are mostly with a narrow neck, and the T-shirt is without these decorations, much simpler than a POLO shirt. The POLO shirt is simply a leading T-shirt. There are two or three buttons on the front and the height of the collar is sufficient to expose the collar when the suit is lined. T-shirts are very simple layouts, but they can have a variety of patterns and are more casual.

2. The commonly used fabrics produced by T-shirts include: cotton, polyester-cotton, Lycra, polyester, koi, etc. The feeling of softness is not a three-dimensional feeling. The version is also very loose. The POLO shirt is mostly made of knitted texture, the version is very self-cultivation, very standing feeling, knitting looks a little more noble, wear it is also a unique taste, it highlights the status of men and Oh, taste.

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