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T-shirts commonly used fabrics
Jun 13, 2018

1.Polyester cotton

Cotton + polyester, refers to the mixed name of polyester and cotton blended fabrics, there are generally two kinds of blended and intertwined classification practices, the advantage is good anti-wrinkle, not easy to deform; disadvantage is easy to fluff, plus twice the dyeing, fabric feel harder.

2.100% cotton

This is a more commonly used T-shirt fabric, cost-effective, although unlike other high-end T-shirt fabrics, after a special process, but 100% cotton, still maintain the superior natural characteristics of pure cotton, good skin-friendly , good air permeability, good moisture absorption.

3. cotton + Lycra (high-quality spandex) also known as Lycra cotton

With drapability and crease recovery ability, this is an elastic cotton fabric that is filled with spandex during the weaving process. It has a good hand feeling, is more close-fitting, has a prominent body and is elastic, and is particularly suitable for wearing a tight-fitting garment.

4. Mercerized cotton

The worsted yarn is made of high-weaving yarn. The mercerized cotton fabric is made of cotton as the raw material, and then subjected to special processing steps such as singeing, mercerization, etc., to make a high-quality silk yarn that is smooth, bright, and soft and wrinkle-resistant.

5. Twin silk cotton

With silk yarns that have been singed and mercerized, pure cotton double silk fabrics are “double-burned, double-stranded” cotton products.

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